Plagne Centre-Aime-1800

Plagne Centre – Aime la Plagne – Plagne 1800

A brief guide every ski run in and around Plagne Centre, Aime la Plagne and Plagne 1800:

Gavotte – Blue

Take the Becoin chair out of Plagne Centre then the steep Cretes draglift. The piste itself is a bit boring to start with but provides plenty of opportunities off the side, these are quickly skied out.

Jean-Marie – Blue

One of the ways back to Plagne 1800 itself rather than the chalets above the village. Quite steep for a blue, especially on the right hand side just after the Loup Garou restaurant.

Lovatiere - Blue

Similar to Jean-Marie but avoids the steepest bit. This run is often closed off for use by the UCPA in Plagne 1800.

 Les Mines – Blue

Provides a link from Plagne Centre to Plagne 1800 including the chalets above the village. A nice winding slope through the trees; tough for less experienced and nervous skiers.

 Mont St Saveur – Blue

Often crowded but a joy when empty. South East facing so can get very slushy later in the season.

 Pavane – Blue

Initially a path along the ridge above Plagne Centre then a steeper section down to Aime. From Aime this is effectively a path to Plagne Centre. Once level with the slalom stadium keep the speed up if you want to get across Plagne Centre.

 Samba – Blue

A bit steeper than Mont St Saveur but not so crowded; the top half is better protected from the sun.

 Crete Cote – Red

A fun but short red. It is directly under the 1800 chairlift so you will have an audience when you ski over the bumps and through the trees.

 Java – Red

The moguls can be quite irregular as inexperienced skiers venture across from the other side of the Becoin chair. In the right conditions this can be an excellent run.

 Andre Martzoli – Red

The first section can get worn by skiers returning to the bottom of Plagne 1800. After that a nice run through the trees and now on down to the new high speed chair lift La Roche, which will take you back up to Aime 2000.

Sardane – Red

Before it is skied too much this run can provide some nice moguls to try out but they soon become irregular and awkward. If they become too much traverse left to the neighbouring Mont St Saveur. The bottom half of Sardane is permanently reserved for the slalom stadium.

Les Etroits – Black

Some lovely skiing with some good adventures off the sides of the run. A couple of steep and narrow bits that have led to re-grading of the run: the run used to be marked as red.

 Grande Pente – Black

Take the Cretes draglift and turn left at the top. A steep face before joining the red run Java.

 Morbleu – Black

Long and steep with moguls, often closed. You can have a look over the edge before committing yourself. 

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It is recommended that skiing or snowboarding off-piste is only undertaken with a properly qualified guide and when carry the necessary safety equipment.