Plagne Centre-1800-Villages-Soleil

Plagne Centre – Plagne 1800 – Plagne Soleil – Plagne Villages

A brief guide to every ski run in and around Plagne Centre, Plagne 1800, Plagne Soleil & Plagne Villages:

Boulevard – Green

Beginners run under the Le France building, down to the Boulevard & Melezes chairs

Belotte – Blue

From the top of the Colosses chair out of Bellecote this is an easy blue to Plagne Centre. If, at the top of the chair you turn sharp left be careful at the crossroads after about 300m. At the top of Plagne Villages ski over to the left for Plagne Centre.

Capella – Blue

Either join it from the Colorado chair or firstly ski Carina. Most of Capella is fast and wide open: as with other runs it does narrow down as you get nearer Plagne Centre. A combination of Carina and Capella is sometimes used for downhill racing: the 535m vertical drop takes the racers just over a minute.

Dou du Praz – Blue

Very gentle at the top then a bit steeper and narrower. An enjoyable run for intermediates.

Ecartee – Blue

Taken straight from the top this can be a fast run. Slow down before Plagne Soleil, both for the sake of beginners and your own: just after the village the run does narrow a bit.

Mira – Blue

A long blue run from the top of the Grand Rochette. The first section usually has good conditions but when you veer left towards Plagne Centre and Bellecote there is a long slope that is quite steep for a blue. Once past this obstacle there is plenty of opportunity to relax and pick the speed up: if heading for Bellecote you will need the speed as you head for Trieuse.

Pollux – Blue

Good fun in its own right with a number of points to get some air. It also provides access to some easy skiing off the side of the run.

Marie-Chantal – Blue

Generally wide open and easy but as you come down to Plagne Centre there are plenty of beginners who may be finding the last 100m a bit daunting.

Ramy – Blue

Take the new Bergerie chairlift from just below Plagne Centre and come back towards Plagne Centre. This run is recommended as a first run for beginners once they get beyond the nursery slopes: it is wide open (until the last few hundred metres) and no nasty surprises.

Carina - Red

Not a difficult red although conditions at the top and just after the junction leading to Kamikaze are variable: sometimes it is superb, sometimes hard packed. The bottom half of Carina is not as wide so to really let go switch to Capella. Otherwise try the off piste skiing under the Colorado chair: locally known as Death Valley – this is often bumpy and once you are in this gully there is no alternative route.

Mercedes – Black

You will usually find better conditions, at the top to the left of the run. There is a lot of fun to be had under the Verdons Nord chairlift.

Grande Rochette – Black

The section from the Grand Rochette to the top of the new Bergerie chair (similar to the top of the now removed Vega chair) is steep, but your legs will enjoy the more relaxing bottom half (blue) leading back to Plagne Centre.

 Neighbouring sectors:

Plagne Centre – Aime la Plagne – Plagne 1800

Plagne Bellecote – Belle Plagne

It is recommended that skiing or snowboarding off-piste is only undertaken with a properly qualified guide and when carry the necessary safety equipment.