Montchavin La Plagne and Les Coches:

A brief guide to every ski run in and around Montchavin La Plagne and Les Coches:

Les Bauches – Blue

Once past the Les Bauches restaurant this becomes a long blue track through the forest, you will need to pole some of it. The best thing about the run is the views of Mont Blanc through the trees.

Le Bijolin – Blue

One of the nicest blues in la Plagne. It twists and turns through the trees and is usually in good condition as far as the top of Esselet; it can get a bit hard packed before Les Pelees; after that there is a nice track through the trees 

Carroley – Blue

A south facing run, in spite of possible bare patches this can be a really enjoyable run for all levels. About half way down a good sized jump often builds up in the middle of the piste.

Dos Rond – Blue

An excellent run for a cruise and good for the ego. Wide and gentle enough for beginners with enough bumps (not moguls) for more experienced skiers to enjoy. Spoilt a little for beginners by the last 100m: it narrows down and can get hard packed here – a small price to pay though.

Fontaine – Blue

A track down from les Coches to Montchavin. If skiing to Montchavin you are better off using le Sauget or le Chanton.

La Jacottaz – Blue

An interesting little run through what is obviously a meadow with some disused huts. Rarely pisted, quite often a few jumps on the run itself.

Leschaux – Blue

Similar to Dos Rond but fewer skiers and the last section is not so awkward. Leschaux has a fairly even gradient so better skiers normally enjoy Dos Rond more.

L’Orgere – Blue

Initially a path traversing just above Les Coches, it the turns right across a meadow joining Les Preizes.

Plan Bois – Blue

A wide open blue run that is often used by the ski schools.

Preizes – Blue

Reservoir – Blue

Le Sauget – Blue

A lovely run down into Montchavin in the right conditions; there are snow cannons all the way. Moguls can develop and it can easily get hard packed or even icy.

Les Teppes – Blue

Rarely busy with a good variety of skiing. There is also ample opportunity to go just off piste under the Crozats chairlift: the section under the top part of chair usually stays in good condition although less experienced skiers can be put off by the steepness (they should stay on the piste).

Le Replat – Blue

A short run from the top of the Arpette chairlift, after the first 100m you will need to keep the speed going. It takes you to the top of Carroley or if you are in a hurry to get to Montchavin/ les Coches or the Vanoise Express there is a rope tow along the flat.

Les Bauches – Red

This run seems to be half piste half track. It leads down to a restaurant with a superb sun terrace and views all the way up to the glacier.

La Buffette – Red

A nice red run through the trees just above les Coches.

Montchavin – Red

Confusingly the top of the run is labelled as blue, there is then a gap before the red section that takes you down to Montchavin. This grading does reflect the sections of this run.

Crozats – Red

Much of the first section is a track across to the Inversens chair (up to the Roche de Mio); beyond that the run used to be labelled black. In good conditions the mid-section can be really enjoyable before it flattens out and joins a track from the itinerary run from the glacier down to Les Bauches restaurant.

Lac Noir - Red

A confusing run as there are a several alternatives available. All sections of this piste are in the trees and come out on to the blues just above les Coches.

L’Esselet – Red

When in good condition Bijolin followed by Esselet has got to be one of the best pistes in the whole of la Plagne. Esselet itself is a beautiful run through the trees although once the snow deteriorates grass and some roots will quickly start to show through: in most places there is a track around these parts.

Malatray - Red

A variation on les Bauches with a choice between sections of track and stretches of moguls.

Passage de Leche – Red

A short red on which conditions can deteriorate: generally le Chanton is a more enjoyable ski.

La Salla – Red

A very brief run that is hardly worth the effort: it does not lead anywhere (unless you are with a guide for some off piste skiing through the trees).

Les Pelees – Black

A good tree-lined black that seldom has many people on it. It brings you out at the traditional le Sauget restaurant.

Pierres Blanches – Black

This black run is not difficult in the right conditions, it is a steady gradient rather than having any one section being too steep.

 Neighbouring sectors:

Plagne Bellecote – Belle Plagne

It is recommended that skiing or snowboarding off-piste is only undertaken with a properly qualified guide and when carry the necessary safety equipment.