Champagny La Plagne

A brief guide to every ski run in the Champagny La Plagne sector: from the Roche de Mio (2700m) to the village of Champagny (1250m):

Bozelet – Blue

Starting from the Verdons chairlifts this piste follows a track before going along the Mont de la Guerre ridge. There is plenty of variety on this run: some of it wide open and fast, a few bumps, another bit of path and then a nice ski along a wide gully.

Les Crepines - Blue

An enjoyable motorway piste, very similar to La Rossa.

Eterlou – Blue

This blue piste is wide open and as fast or as slow as you want. The less experienced skier will usually prefer the left hand sde.

Geisha – Blue

This is most easily accessed from La Grand Rochette out of Plagne Centre. Some of the ski from here is along a track on the mountainside: not great for snowboarders or nervous skiers. The track can be missed by using the Col de Forcle lift above Bellecote. After the Col de Forcle the run opens out with a good variety of skiing.

Levasset – Blue

A true motorway piste. Start on the Carella piste from the Roche de Mio at 2700m and then join Levasset. By the time you have got to the bottom of the run at 1800m your legs will know all about it.

La Rossa – Blue

A wide open motorway that rarely has many people on.

Le Serac – Blue

A wide open motorway that rarely has many people on and being a bit more shaded than la Rossa will retain the snow even better.

La Tome – Blue

A short run to connect the Rossa and Quillis chairs, fun in spite of its brevity.

Les Bois – Red

A lovely run down through the trees from 1800m to Champagny at 1250m. In the past this run has only been open for limited periods each season.

Les Borsellieres - Red

The top half is fast, it is also great after a fresh snow fall. If you are aiming to get to the Verdons Sud chairlift take care as it is easy to miss the path (you need to cross over the slalom run).

Hari-kiri – Red

A good red from the top of Verdons at 2,500m to about 1,850m. The run is south-facing so particularly in February and March is best skied in the morning.

Kamikaze – Red

If in good condition the top is an excellent bit of piste: the top section can however suffer from uneven moguls or hard packed snow.

Mont de la Guerre – Red

A drop from 2500m all the way down to Champagny at 1250m. As it is south facing it is rarely open, when it is grab the chance to ski this beautiful and varied tree-lined (from 1800m) run. To catch it in fresh powder is truly memorable. The piste starts with the Bozelet and superb views across Courchevel and way beyond; most of the run stays at a good gradient for a red run.

Ski de Bosses – Black

If you are not sure about skiing a long mogul run check it out from the Verdons Sud chairlift that is overhead. Being a black bumps run this keeps less experienced skiers away and the moguls in better shape.

 Neighbouring sectors:

Plagne Centre – Aime la Plagne – Plagne 1800

It is recommended that skiing or snowboarding off-piste is only undertaken with a properly qualified guide and when carry the necessary safety equipment.