Bellecote Glacier

Bellecote Glacier

A brief guide to every ski run in and around the La Plagne Glacier, also known as the Bellecote Glacier):

Bellecote Glacier

La Frete – Blue

A fast blue run that does not get much direct sun so maintains conditions well. The piste leads to the Chalet de Bellecote chair; there also used to be an itinerary run to les Bauches from here.

Lanche Ronde – Blue

Only accessible from the top of the Chalet de Bellecote chairlift. A more interesting run than la Frete but just before they meet up usually not such good conditions.

Col 1 & 2 and Deversoir - Blue

Three blue runs that make up the skiing on the glacier itself. Usually closed in winter to preserve the snow for summer.

La Chiaupe - Red

After you leave the glacier this run can be particularly vicious in the wrong conditions. It is better left until after the sun has softened the moguls: at this altitude they freeze hard overnight.

La Combe – Red

This run gets little direct sun so the snow conditions tend to be better than La Chiaupe. It is also longer and generally a better experience.

Bellecote – Black

The start of the run is gentle, do not be fooled by what you see: there is a rocky section at the top of the long steep part of the run. After the steepest section there is a great variety of skiing especially in good conditions: the best is probably when there is spring snow. The Bellecote and Rochu are often closed but still skiable with a guide: they give access to some amazing off piste skiing including the Face Nord de Bellecote and the Friolin areas.

Le Rochu – Black

This piste shares the start and steep sections with the Bellecote piste; after the steep section le Rochu will usually be in better condition. The best skiing in this area is off piste with a guide.

Neighbouring sectors:

Plagne Bellecote – Belle Plagne

It is recommended that skiing or snowboarding off-piste is only undertaken with a properly qualified guide and when carry the necessary safety equipment.