Plagne Bellecote – Belle Plagne

A brief guide to every ski run in and around Plagne Bellecote, Belle Plagne and all the way to the Roche de Mio:

 Arolles – Blue

A blue run from the top of Colosses back to Bellecote. Just after it joins Trieuse there is a gun barrel gully. There are no steep bits although the run does narrow down just before Bellecote.

Arpette – Blue

Long and quite flat, you do need to keep the speed going on this run. The only nasty bit is where three or four runs converge just above Belle Plagne.

Les Barrieres – Blue

Thankfully the top section is usually closed: it can be very unpleasant.

Les Blanchets – Blue

A nice run with a couple of take offs, the best one being the third: a downhill landing with a long run out. If you are not speeding here, by the time you cross Les Ours you will be walking.

Bretelle Trieuse – Blue

Generally this piste has better conditions on the left hand side as you go down. Alternatively, just after the Trieuse restaurant cut across to the gun barrel on Arolles.

Carella – Blue

Once you get past the busy section on the Roche de Mio turn left. There are a couple of opportunities to go for it on the way to the Carella chair. Alternatively, you can turn left under the chair to join le Levasset in the Champagny sector.

Les Dunes – Blue

The fastest of the runs from the top of the Arpette chairlift back to Belle Plagne and Bellecote. Wide open, you may need to put the brakes on.

Le Tunnel – Blue

A very long genuine blue run from the Roche de Mio (2,700m) to Plagne Bellecote (1,930m). This is wide open almost all the way after you negotiate the top few hundred metres that can be very busy. On the top half of the run there are a couple of options, generally the left hand side is less steep. Keep an eye open for skiers slowing down in the distance: there is a very flat section before the tunnel through the mountain.

Les Laines – Blue

The best way back to the top of Belle Plagne if coming from the Arpette chairlift or the Montchavin- les Coches sector.

Leitchoums – Blue

Les Ours – Blue

Great for a bit of speed, rarely crowded but watch out for a few ski school groups.

St Jacques – Blue

Good for a bit of motoring, there are a couple of stretches where you do need to keep the speed up.

Trieuse – Blue

A couple of long flat bits; this run is best used to connect from Plagne Centre to Bellecote via Arolles.

Les Inversens – Red

An easy red that usually stays in excellent condition: it hardly ever gets any direct sunshine. There are no nasty surprises on the run. If going to the side of the piste do not go too far right: there is a cliff. This piste is best avoided on a cold day: the chairlift takes 20 minutes to get back to the Roche de Mio.

Du Lac – Red

Short but a couple of twists in the run make it enjoyable.

La Lognan – Red

Nice enough from the mouth of the tunnel on Inversens but can get very patchy just above Belle Plagne.

Les Sources – Red

From the Roche de Mio after the busy section go straight ahead. A nice run to start with but there is one steeper section that if icy can get very unpleasant: if it has not snowed for a bit make sure your edges are sharp.

St Jacques – Red

Nice under the Arpette chair but does suffer in the sun with bare patches.

La Mio – Black

A good steep alternative to Carella before the two runs join. With a guide there are some excellent opportunities to practise off piste skiing to the left of the run; the ridge to access this can be daunting.

Neighbouring sectors:

 La Plagne Glacier

Plagne Centre – Plagne 1800 – Plagne Soleil – Plagne Villages

Montchavin La Plagne and Les Coches

It is recommended that skiing or snowboarding off-piste is only undertaken with a properly qualified guide and when carry the necessary safety equipment.