Aime la Plagne & Montalbert

A brief guide to every ski run in and around Aime la Plagne and Montalbert:

Les Adrets – Blue

Schuss the first section: you will need to. After the flat bit the run opens up, in the right conditions this is a lovely run down to les Coqs chairlift.

Bois Croizelin – Blue

A lovely run through the trees, not used much as many skiers miss the right turn off Fornelet.

Cornegidouille – Blue

A nice run following a stream through the trees. The run leads to either the Pravendue piste or to a nasty nut-cracking draglift.

Fornelet – Blue

In good conditions and if not busy a great run to open up on. Grass quickly shows through due to the number of skiers returning home to Montalbert although this has improved in the last few years with more snow cannons.

Golf – Blue

A really nice but quite short run next to Aime. Heavily used by ski schools for beginners and less experienced skiers and snowboarders.

Le Gentil Montalbert – Blue

A gentle blue back to Montalbert

La Grangette – Blue

A continuation of Fornelet but snow conditions can get ropey before you get to the artificial snow.

Montalbert – Blue

Probably the best route coming down to the village from the Montalbert chairlift due to the number of snow cannons.

Plantes – Blue

A gentle bit of blue back to Montalbert, often difficult to work out where this starts and finishes.

Pralloud - Blue

A track through the trees. Best for tired skiers on the way home or nervous skiers who are aiming to have lunch in Montalbert.

Pravendue – Blue

A very pretty run through the trees; flat enough to give you plenty of time to look at the views. Boring if it were not for the scenery.

Bouclet – Red

Next to “Golf” but slightly steeper and more fun as less ski school classes in the way.

Emile Allais – Red

A long and varied run: steep and open near the top; wide and gentle past the ski schools on Golf; more challenging below the tree line before either continuing down les Charmettes or back up the vicious draglift.

Les Grenouilles – Red

There is usually a warning sign at the start of the run: there is a steep section which in isolation would be black.

Mangnonne – Red

Although labelled as red it was until recently blue. It is a very short run which quickly turns back into blue. A bit of a waste of time.

Roclisse - Red

A nice red through the trees, the last few hundred metres before it joins Pravendue can get ropey.

Les Charmettes – Black

The bottom half of Emile Allais, this is not especially steep for a black but it is long and unrelenting. Rare to find such a black amongst the trees. A nasty drag lift back up from 1400m.

Palsembleu – Black

Rarely open but a more challenging way down to the Coqs and Adrets chairlifts.

Neighbouring sectors:

Plagne Centre – Plagne 1800 – Plagne Soleil – Plagne Villages

It is recommended that skiing or snowboarding off-piste is only undertaken with a properly qualified guide and when carry the necessary safety equipment.