Ski Hire

Ski hire in La Plagne

We recommend the following shops, more to follow:

Plagne 1800 – Ski Love

Belle Plagne – Allamand Ski – details & links to follow

Cheap ski hire/ special deal on ski or board hire/ bargain ski or board hire

There are a huge variety of cheap ski & board hire offers available on the web. Many sites and shops offer big discounts, we wondered whether some of these offers are too good to be true and have discussed these with several hire shops in Les Arcs and elsewhere.

There are undoubtedly some good deals on ski hire out there but believe that too many of these bargain deals are not what they seem. For this reason we will not be advising or providing links for general ski hire deals. Within each village section we will provide links to La Plagne ski hire shops that we have had dealings with or if they have been recommended to us.

With ski hire we think it largely boils down to: you get what you pay for.

The comments below are based on what they have said to us, most of it is common sense. These are perhaps some of the pitfalls to watch out for: 

  • Some hire shops say they have “new skis”: this does not mean all skis are new (they may just have a few pairs).
  • Some hire shops say “high quality skis”: this does not mean ANY of them are new, they’re often 4-5 years old.
  • A few websites offer skis that have not even been manufactured in the last few years.
  • A hire shop or website might only have a few pairs of the latest model: you might not get the new model you thought you had paid for.
  • If you pay a cheap price for ski hire you should not expect the equipment, the quality or the service that you might otherwise get (eg shop closed for French lunch: if there is a problem it might be difficult to sort out).
  • If you pay a cheap price for ski hire beware hidden conditions and caveats: the whole thing might end up costing more than you expect.
  • Beware prices quoted in one currency but then charged in another: it is easy to add small print such as “Published price is based on an old exchange rate”
  • Qualified ski technicians are better at advising you than web selection drop down lists

We welcome your comments and recommendations on equipment hire in La Plagne.