Ski Schools

Ski Schools Plagne Centre

All the la Plagne ski schools cater for boarders as well as skiers. The ski school meeting points are convenient to most accommodation in Plagne Centre so easy for a family ski holiday. The ESF ski school is satisfactory although some instructors are better than others; service standards seem to fall during French holidays, group sizes and prices do not. Special beginners’ ski packs are available.
The independent ski school Oxygene is probably the most popular with the British. Guests of British tour operators make up about 70% of Oxygene’s clientele: you can be fairly sure that there will be other British skiers in your class and that English will be spoken. Special beginners’ ski packs are available, as is ski hire.
The independent ski school Reflex set up in la Plagne a few years ago, it is now based in Plagne 1800 but can easily arrange to meet in Plagne Centre. The Reflex ski school is the most flexible and probably the best in la Plagne, it is not the cheapest but does provide good value.
Disabled skiers are able to use Antenne and Oxygene.