If you want to advertise anything related to La Plagne this site is the place to advertise. The vast majority of visitors use the search term “La Plagne” or similar: we deliver visitors who want your product or service. The site was published in September 2009 and we already rank highly for La Plagne, La Plagne Accommodation, La Plagne Chalets and many more search terms.

Advertisers on this site and sites covering Les Arcs, La Rosiere and La Tania have already generated sales running into thousands of pounds. Two of our most successful affiliates show sales of £16,000 since January 2010 (across 3 sites) and £48,000 over 12 months to April 2010 (across 6 sites). Other advertisers have enjoyed success as well and are continuing with us for the next 12 months, not being actual affiliates their turnover figures are not so precise.
Our charges:

  • £200 for an advert on the right hand side of all pages (position not guaranteed);
  • £100 for a page dedicated to you (one image plus text) or,
  • £50 for an advert on a single existing page (small image with up to 100 words alongside).

In each case prices include links to your site; ads run for 12 months. All prices are subject to VAT. Invoices will be raised after publication and are payable within 7 days.

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